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Meet Our Partners

KAI showcases many facets of the Southwest that work in harmony with local vendors, artisans, and farmers to source the most authentic ingredients and seasonal produce for your meal and act as a representation of the desert.

Ramona Farms

Ramona Farms is one of our longest running partnerships at the restaurant. We source a variety of beans and corn products from them. Their story is extremely special to the community and to the area. They have been farming the same lands for four generations and are credited with bringing back to black tepary bean from almost extinction.  

Crow's Dairy

This partnership has been featured in KAI for years. Crow's Dairy is a local goat cheese and milk creamery in the area, and we have used many different flavors of their chevre and their quark over the years. 

Rune Wines

This is one of Arizona's finest wineries. Credited with being a winemaker that can finesse grape varietals and bring out the best in what is grown in Arizona. 

Petersen Honey

Petersen honey is a local producer that we utilize in many different courses of the restaurant depending on season. Currently we are featuring them in our cheese course and in our amenity take aways. 

Queen Creek Olive Mill

The partnership has been in existence since the inception of KAI. They are the foremost experts in growing olives in Arizona. We use their extra virgin olive oil for our bread service and throughout many other courses.  


A local coffee roaster and purveyor in the Phoenix area. They work with small coffee and tea producers to ensure the quality of their products.  

Drinking Horn Mead

Our newest partnership. This is a traditional Meadery in Flagstaff. They brew mead the same way it has been made for thousands of years using local and indigenous ingredients.